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  1. Could you message, and ask them to look into this?
  2. I Have donated 3 euros, can I be unbanned now, or you just scammed me for 3 euros? 😄
  3. lol, I could win you blindfolded, without the skins bro 🙂
  4. Well, keep me banned then I guess.
  5. Has someone decided what to do with me?
  6. 1. Your nickname in the game. - Kebab2. Your GUID. - 23103466172180167103. Your IP. - The server that was banned. - CyberPub.ru | Promod5. Describe the situation/reason for the ban. I was using custom skins6. Date/time of the ban. - August 1st - 2nd, 20207. The nickname of the administrator/moderator who punished you. - Banning admin ID is: 08. Why do you think that you should be unbanned? I won't use custom skins anymore. I learnt my lesson. 🙂